Sunday, August 22, 2010

Halloween Mojo!

I borrowed this picture from my dear friend Tina's blog Lemondrops Simple Stuff. She had a Stampin' UP! workshop at her home for me yesterday. We had so much fun and the girls all did a fantastic job of creating!

Tina is a perfect little hostess. She made lemondade, salami roll-ups/olives, watermelon and the best cookies ever!

We created the Peppermit Patty scallop circle with the spider, little tubes of M&M's with the scallop at the top and another halloween stamp and the milk carton with halloween motif (filled with yummy fall pumpkins and candy corn) and then a little 3x3 card with the new owl punch! Tina's favorite holiday is Halloween so I hope we gave her a lot of inspiration to get going for her festivities this year (her pumpkin plants that she's growing in the backyard are starting to get pumpkins on them so it's getting closer). Thanks Tina ~ you're a great friend and an awesome hostess.


  1. I had an awesome time yesterday Julia, and thanks so much for letting me come along. You have a great bunch of friends, and one that even called me Aunt Judy! It was a blast, and Tina is the greatest hostess ever!

  2. Thanks! It was great! Glad you liked the cookies. Those seem to go over really well.
    I will save you and Judy a pumpkin from my garden. LOL!!! That is if I produce more than the 3 we have so far! :))
    Hoping our non profit group likes our Halloween craft idea, maybe we can get more people to craft with us!