Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Look what my BFF sent!

Oh my goodness, look what I got in the mail today from my BFF Tina! (Lemondrops Simple Stuff). Thank you so much, I love them and will give Twin Judy her set, what a thoughtful person you are!!!!
Tina got the idea from Creations on Paper. Kay Sha has the tutorial for sale on her blog for making the cake and the link will take you to the Ghiradelli Box on her site ~ she's so creative! And she shares so much, thanks Kay.
Keep stampin' and sharing and enjoying crafts!


  1. Oh WOW, those are awesome! Thanks for including me Tina! That is so sweet of you! Kay Sha is awesome! I am so glad that you all share. Love ya Jul, and thanks for having such a sweet BFF! Hugs,

  2. Hi, Julia! Thank you so much for the Kudos you sent. And thank you so much for linking my blog here with your wonderful gift from your BFF, Tina! TFS your wonderful projects too!