Saturday, July 7, 2012

Table Saw Gift Card Holder

I saw this on Laurie Zoellmers's site some time ago.  I ordered the tutorial and here's my version of the Table Saw Gift Card Holder designed by Amanda Corbet at Craft Project Central.  This project was very tedious, not sure how anybody ever figures this kind of stuff out ~ let alone put together a step-by-step tutorial for it!  Thank you Amanda...

Now ~ here's my version:

Will have to be somebody who will keep this gift (not just the gift card) before I'll be using it!  LOL!!!


  1. Hi Julia ;) WOW, great job on the table saw! Amanda did a fabulous job with this tutorial, so happy you found inspiration from this project, Thanks for sharing, you blog is fabulous!

  2. You are very brave...I applaud you and you did a great job. I remember seeing this one thought the same, where does this come from...! Some demos are incredibly creative...would love to know how many trials she had before getting to the one she finalized...LOL! TFS!

  3. This is just beautiful card holder you have shared...i might need this when use this for Gift Card envelopes.