Sunday, December 6, 2009

Little Nugget Box

I went to my Sister Judy's today and she had made a little nugget box she found on Inking Idaho's site. I came home and found the directions and got one made. It has little 3x3 cards in it and 3 little nugget chocolates wrapped in DSP. There is a clear cover over the box to protect the contents and it's tied with gold elastic cord and a satin ribbon attached. Check out her site, she gives great instructions. Thanks for sharing Becky. :o)


  1. You did great on that Jul! Glad I could inspire you!!!!!!!! I love Inking Idaho's site. And she always gives credit to the people who help her out. :o)

  2. I think I saw this on the email you sent me today. Very cute! I think I may attempt this one someday :)