Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Check this out~

My awesome Brother-in-law built me a ribbon rack and a punch rack. How cool are these? I feel so spoiled and love it! Thanks Mike, you're terrific.

Don't look at my mess ... just check out the terrific racks! Mike is amazing, I just tell Judy what I want, and viola ... he builds it for me. It's so much fun to have a twin and especially one that has such a giving hubby. He spoils us both, kinda like my hubby.... Thanks Mike ~ thanks Judy.


  1. You are so welcome! You and Bob are awesome to us too!!! Mike loves to be able to make that stuff for ya, makes him feel needed. LOL Hugs, J~

  2. You are so organized! Your craft room is looking good! Mike can sell that those racks!